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Six critical systems, four months to Brexit – and no completed testing

The UK's food and farming department has yet to test six critical IT systems ahead of Brexit and may have to rely on manual workarounds or "unsophisticated" tech, MPs have warned. As the UK creeps ever closer to 29 March, 2019, when it is due to leave the European Union, reports of unreadiness are rolling in thick and fast. …
Rebecca Hill, 14 Nov 2018
New York skyline at dusk with Empire State Building lit up

Empire state of mind: NYC scatters palm leaves for Bezos' cloudy web shop juggernaut

New York's finest building* has turned orange to welcome Amazon to town. The Empire State Building was lit up last night in celebration of the tax-efficient online marketplace deigning to set up half of its much-hyped new headquarters in the city. Following the announcement, the landmark sent out a quite frankly vomit- …
Rebecca Hill, 14 Nov 2018
tired businessman

SAP can claim to change its culture, but can it convince customers?

SAP has used its annual British user shindig to big up reforms to internal structures and licensing – but customers wary over indirect access won't be won over easily. The German ERP giant is trying to shrug off concerns about licensing that reached fever pitch last year after a set of high-profile, high-cost legal battles …
Rebecca Hill, 13 Nov 2018
Michael Howard of MariaDB

Michael Howard: Embrace of open source is destroying 'artificial definitions' of legacy vendors

Interview Michael Howard, Berkley grad and alumnus of Oracle and EMC, took the helm at open-source biz MariaDB almost three years ago. Reflecting on how things have changed, he reckons the biggest shift is in how both investors and enterprise have embrace open-source. Now, he has an IPO on his mind. In an interview with El Reg, Howard …
Rebecca Hill, 13 Nov 2018
AWS boss Andy Jassy speaking at AWS SFO Summit 2015

Stay classy: Amazon's Jassy gets sassy with Larry

Amazon’s consumer business has switched off its Oracle data warehouse and will be almost Big Red-free by Christmas – at least according to AWS boss Andy Jassy. The claims – made over Twitter, so it must be true – were then doubled down on by Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, who said that the database was one of the largest in the …
Rebecca Hill, 12 Nov 2018

SAP slurps up Qualtrics for a cool $8bn, persuades firm not to IPO

German giant SAP has slurped up "experience management" biz Qualtrics for a cool €8bn cash after reportedly persuading the firm not to IPO. The acquisition comes as the US-based biz was out on its roadshow with would-be investors ahead of an expected IPO that could have seen it valued at $4.8bn. The move is part of SAP's …
Rebecca Hill, 12 Nov 2018
Facebook reaction emojis fishes for likes as it prepares to go solo on digital sales tax

Critics have complained that the UK government's proposed digital services tax is complex, confusing and off-putting for international business. Announced by chancellor Philip Hammond in the budget, the tax aims to address what UK lawmakers see as holes in the international tax framework, which they say fails to recognise the …
Rebecca Hill, 12 Nov 2018
A man shrugs at a laptop with a background of question marks

Junior dev decides to clear space for brewing boss, doesn't know what 'LDF' is, sooo...

Who, Me? The days are drawing in and the mornings are getting darker – so why not take a dose of Who, Me? to help lighten up your day. In this week’s instalment of El Reg’s weekly column filled with embarrassing reader cock-ups, we meet “Bert”, who was working at a large brewing firm at the point in question. “I was a junior dev as …
Rebecca Hill, 12 Nov 2018
Person cutting up their payment card

An Oracle botherer always pays its debts: Rimini Street reports $48.4m net losses

Support biz Rimini Street's net losses have skyrocketed to $48.4m in the latest quarter as a result of debt payoffs. The firm yesterday announced results for the three months to 30 September – in which it pulled in revenues of $62.6m – saying that it had now completed refinancing its credit facility after the long-running …
Rebecca Hill, 9 Nov 2018
annoyed doctor tired at computer

NHS*IT: Welsh system outages put patients at risk

The pressures the NHS in England and Wales is under, with creaking IT systems that aren't fit for purpose but which are facing the increasing tightening of purse-strings, have been laid bare in two reports. NHS outages KO Welsh GP services and Manchester A&E READ MORE The first is an assessment of the NHS Wales Informatics …
Rebecca Hill, 9 Nov 2018

Skimming cash off UK police budget for tech projects probably not the best idea, say MPs

Slicing police funding to inject cash into national programmes – a big chunk of which is funnelled into tech – might not be an effective use of public cash, and some projects face a cliff edge when funding runs out. Or so say MPs in the latest report (PDF) on the state of police funding: the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) …
Rebecca Hill, 9 Nov 2018
A wine glass and some money on a silver platter

Can your rival fix it as fast? turns out to be ten-million-dollar question for plucky support guy

On Call Have you got that Friday feeling? Well, you should, because it's just hours away from the weekend and we've got another great Reg reader story in this week's On Call. This time our tale of tech support triumph comes from reader "Ben", who in 1979 worked for a plug-compatible manufacturer that was in competition with one of the …
Rebecca Hill, 9 Nov 2018

As if connected toys weren't creepy enough, kids' data could be used against them in future

Connected toy makers should make clear what data they slurp up, the UK's Office of the Children's Commissioner has said in a report warning of the long-term impact of amassing data on kids. According to the report (PDF), young folk will have sent out an average of 70,000 social media posts by the time they reach 18, while snap …
Rebecca Hill, 8 Nov 2018
Scared looking office consultant hides under desk

Data flows post-Brexit: 'Leave it to government to make sure you've got a smooth run in.' Er, OK

Brexit secretary Dominic Raab has claimed businesses need to do "very little" to ensure data flows after March – despite official advice that they should start drafting new contracts in case of no deal Brexit. Speaking at a Town Hall Q&A event about Brexit and the tech industry last night in London, Raab repeatedly emphasised …
Rebecca Hill, 8 Nov 2018

Civil rights group says Oracles, Tapads and Experians get let off for wanton info-sucking

Privacy International (PI) has filed complaints of "systematic infringements" of data protection law by seven info-sucking companies that it says find it too easy to fly under the radar. In the civil rights group's sight are data brokers Acxiom and Oracle, ad-tech firms Critero, Quantcast and Tapad, and credit referencing …
Rebecca Hill, 8 Nov 2018

European Union divided over tax on digital tech giants as some member states refuse free money

European efforts to implement a digital sales tax have stalled after Ireland, Sweden and Denmark yesterday stood firm in their refusal to approve measures aimed at scraping more cash in from tech giants. Governments are engaged in an ongoing battle over how to tax tech giants that often have little or no physical presence in a …
Rebecca Hill, 7 Nov 2018
Screen with one new Facebook friend request

International politicos line up to get shot down by Facebook

What’s the old saying – misery loves company? Well, it's certainly true for British MPs and their efforts to grill Mark Zuckerberg, as another three parliaments have been added to Facebook’s group snub list. Mark zuckerberg in a buena vista style flat cap. Photo: shutterstock mashup Facebook supremo Mark Zuckerberg has flunky …
Rebecca Hill, 7 Nov 2018
Woman in suit peers through privacy hole in someone's front door

Watchdog slams political data slurpers' 'disturbing disregard' for voters' privacy

Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, universities and political parties are all in the dog house as the UK's data protection watchdog condemned a "disturbing disregard" for personal privacy across the system. 50 of your British pounds. Photo by Shutterstock ICO poised to fine Leave campaign and Arron Banks’ insurance biz £135,000 …
Rebecca Hill, 7 Nov 2018
teenager GCSE study exams

GCSE computer science should be exam only, says Ofqual

Students starting GCSE computer science in 2020 may be assessed by exams only, amid concerns about schools' IT kit, burdens on teachers and malpractice in non-exam tests. The education watchdog Ofqual made the proposals in a consultation published yesterday. It said that all assessments – including programming skills – for …
Rebecca Hill, 6 Nov 2018
  Heron Tower (110 Bishopsgate) in the City of London - salesforce is a tenant

SaaSy Salesforce's EMEA arm hands over £5m to Brit taxman

Salesforce's European limb last year coughed £5m in tax to the UK government - the business is registered in Blighty - as it made a 1.73 pre-tax profit percentage on a turnover of £1.51bn. The cloudy biz increased sales in the region by 50 per cent in the year ended 31 January 2018, according to the full accounts for …
Rebecca Hill, 6 Nov 2018
50 of your British pounds. Photo by Shutterstock

ICO poised to fine Leave campaign and Arron Banks’ insurance biz £135,000

The Information Commissioner’s Office plans to slap fines totalling £135,000 on Leave.EU and Brexiteer Arron Banks’ insurance biz Eldon for “serious” breaches of direct marketing laws. magnifying Brit privacy watchdog reports on political data harvests: We've read the lot so you don't have to READ MORE According to the ICO, …
Rebecca Hill, 6 Nov 2018
A polling station in the UK to roll out voter ID trials in 2019 local elections

The government is to expand its controversial voter ID trials in next year’s local elections. sledgehammer reduces cement block to powder 'A sledgehammer to crack a nut': Charities slam UK voter ID trials READ MORE The trials require people to bring personal identification before they are allowed to vote, and were rolled out …
Rebecca Hill, 5 Nov 2018

US draft bill moots locking up execs who lie about privacy violations

Company bosses could be thrown in jail for up to 20 years if they aren't straight with US regulators about privacy violations under a law drafted by senator Ron Wyden. The Democrat has proposed a new privacy bill for the US, with the short title of the Consumer Data Protection Act (PDF), which aims to address the hole in …
Rebecca Hill, 5 Nov 2018
Man runs to fire exit in a corridor

DBA drifts into legend after inventive server convo leaves colleagues fearing for their lives

Who, Me? Welcome to the latest instalment of Who, Me?, our weekly confessional column in which Reg readers share their tales of historic face-palms. This week, "Fred" has written in to tell us about an incident while he was working as a DBA at a Knightsbridge-based shop's IT offices, which were a bit further away. These offices had …
Rebecca Hill, 5 Nov 2018
Image by Maksim Kabakou

Web domain owners paid EasyDNS to cloak their contact info from sight. It was blabbed via public Whois anyway

Domain name registrar EasyDNS has 'fessed up to accidentally leaking cloaked contact details for about 1,500 domain owners in Whois query results for just over 24 hours. Those records – such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, and postal addresses – should have been kept private, and not disclosed in Whois searches, due …
Rebecca Hill, 2 Nov 2018

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